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The Friendly Fighter

Tristan T. Alvarado

This podcast is a passion project come true. I live, breathe and have thought about boxing ever since I was little kid jumping around my hand made couch cushioned boxing ring in the living room. I said I was going to be a fighter after I watched Floyd Mayweather knockout Ricky Hatton back in 2007. I became an amatuer boxer and won a couple tournaments, fought in Mexico, and dedicated myself to the sweet science. But fighting made me a selfish person. I was over training and most importantly not appreciating my time in the ring. I got burnt out and stopped fighting shortly after my 16th birthday. I played sports in high school/college and learned many lessons along the way from coaches, teachers, professors, and friends. Even though I wasn't fighting boxing was always on my mind. In my head the concepts I was learned translated to boxing. I received a degree in communications and here I am putting it to use with boxing as my subject. Even though fighting is a lonely sport no one can do it all by themselves. I hope this podcast helps inspire, teach, and entertain the amatuer/ professional boxers of today.