The Friendly Fighter

Softball Instructor Antionette Watson

March 30, 2021 Tristan T. Alvarado Season 1 Episode 89
The Friendly Fighter
Softball Instructor Antionette Watson
Show Notes

Antionette is a friend, softball instructor, and coach. Follow her on Instagram @HomePlatePerformance where she catchers drills available for player to watch and practice on their own.

Show Notes:
Intro: 0.0- 1.56

Player Development: 1.57- 6.12

Players and the new normal: 6.13- 8.44

Being present as a player (Ant’s session, coaching private lessons and coaching around a team, watching other coaches, how to stay focused, book recommendations): 8.45- 22.28

Player Growth on & off the field: 22.29- 29.48

Shoutout to the great coaches and what they said (the obstacle is the way) 29.49- 42.07

Catchers perspective (practice time and skill development, meditation): 42.08- 48.42

Communication in a team environment (catchers talking with the pitcher and catchers composure): 48.43- 57.45

The importance of a good sideline: 57.56- 1.02.36

Staying present during a softball game (turning the witch on and off, and being a captain): 1.02.37- 1.14.50 

Final Questions: 1.14.51-End.