The Friendly Fighter

US Marine & Ninja Athlete Dominic Torres

April 02, 2021 Tristan T. Alvarado Season 1 Episode 90
The Friendly Fighter
US Marine & Ninja Athlete Dominic Torres
Show Notes

Dominic is back in the podcast to talk about his experience in the Marines. Check out our first episode (Ep. 59) and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his fitness!!! 

Show Notes: 

Intro: 0.0- 1.54

Ninja Training: 1.55- 3.08

Going to the Marine: 3.09- 9.48

First couple weeks/ preparing/ teamwork: 9.49- 16.16

Biggest Learning Stage (theirs a reason why we are the few and the proud/ what happens to the people who get dropped): 16.17- 24.11

What aspects of boot camp are harder physically or mentally: 24.12- 27.28

The importance of being positive: 27.29- 30.33

Broken down into companies (gaining leadership roles/ being consistently observed): 30.34- 35.59

Cardio Endurance (running and pull ups): 36.00- 37.57

What type of people do the best in the Marines (cultural backgrounds/ strengths will be there/ weakness will also be there): 37.58- 42.00

Traveling and experiencing the world (humanitarian side to the military/ the yin yang to being a fighter): 42.01- 57.01

Deployment (Train like your life depends on it/ the good and the bad of war): 57.02- 1.18.46

Conquering PTSD (Fitness, Ninja Warrior & Gaming): 1.18.47- 1.24.14

Careers in the military (do some research): 1.24.15- 1.31.05

Last Two Questions: 1.31.06-End